Russian GP: Mercedes defends territory

The race in Russia witnessed a dramatic chase. And in fact after what the racers have shown, the three riders present on the podium glory are indeed very worthy. But from here, the F1 championship race in 2019 has taken an important turning point.

The huge advantage in the straight line with softer tires helped Ferrari beat Mercedes from the start. Sebastian Vettel from the 3rd rank rose to the top of the 2nd when taking advantage of every opportunity that he had while Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas struggled with McLaren behind.

The race was slightly interrupted by the collision, causing Romain Grosjean to give up from the first round and Daniel Ricciardo had a flat tire, but also gave up in the 30th round.


Ferrari dominated the first tire stint despite the debate over the order of the two riders in the first rounds and that was what the Italian team impressed the most in this race. As soon as Vettel finished his pit-stop, his car had a problem with its kinetic energy regeneration unit (MGU-K) and had to give up, unfortunately. This makes the virtual safety car appear and Mercedes takes advantage of it and takes the lead when leaving the pit.

Shortly afterwards the Security Vehicle (SC) was also put on the track with the accident of George Russell (Williams) and Ferrari probably made a tactical mistake when Leclerc put on tire changes again to attack Mercedes but fell. Get behind both opponents’ cars. Efforts in the last 20 rounds were not enough for him to improve his position and create miracles in Sochi.

Finally, the “Silver Arrow” continued to protect its territory with a fourth victory for Hamilton, while Bottas came second, bringing a 1-2 victory which was considered a surprise after what Ferrari showed in the 7th day.


The third podium position was considered a consolation gift for Leclerc and the team after a difficult and chaotic race. Red Bull returned after the unsuccessful rating run and finished in the top 5 for both Max Verstappen and Alex Albon.

McLaren has both cars finished in the top 10 and continues to consolidate its lead in the middle group while main rival Renault only has Nico Hulkenberg to score. Sergio Perez continued his high performance for Racing Point in phase 2 of the season with the third stage scoring, while the last driver to score was Kevin Magnussen, despite being penalized for 5 seconds for running out of the track and taking advantage. but ended the 2-month drought for Haas.

Mercedes: “Leclerc has gone beyond the limit”

Toto Wolff leader said that the referee will have to escort the police if they fined Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc at home Monza.

“The referees have difficulty deciding whether to fine or warn Charles Leclerc”, Motorsport quoted Mr. Wolff. “Leclerc’s defensive action against Lewis Hamilton may exceed the allowed limit. Hamilton had the mind to steer the collision avoidance. But the referee has no other way. Ferrari is leading in the Grand Prix Italy and fined five seconds? Then the referee will have to escort the police to leave”.


Wolff alluded to the situation in round 23, before the second corner. Hamilton, after hiding Leclerc wind in a straight line, swung to the right and jumped near the opponent. Leclerc drove to the right to push Hamilton to the curb. This makes the Ferrari driver unable to turn in the corner, having to choose a longer path to return to the track. After this situation, Leclerc was cautioned by the black and white flag. That means if recidivism is committed, Leclerc will be disqualified. But Wolff hinted the referee’s warning was still mild.


“There will be many accidents with this situation. The black and white flag warning law will set a bad precedent. Because riders will take risks because they believe they will only be warned before being punished”, he insisted.

Hamilton also somewhat agreed with Wolff. “Many times I have to give in order to avoid a collision with Leclerc. That is the problem of the current F1 racing rules. We have repeatedly called for clarification of the rules but have not achieved the goal. In this case, the referees have a different opinion”, he said.


Leclerc finished first in Monza, helping Ferrari crown at home for the first time since 2010. Hamilton pursued Leclerc for most of the race, coming only third when he lost twice to the pit. In return, the British racer achieved the fastest lap in the final rounds with new soft tires.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Concours S Edition 2019 Silently Launched The 100 Numbers

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Concours S Edition 2019 form based on the platform of the cheaper S560 and cheaper S560 4Matic. Automotive news source shows, the car just launched with limited number of 100 cars for customers around the world.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Concours S Edition 2019 is a special version of large luxury sedan S-Class 2019 automotive exhibition in Los Angeles in late November early December 2018. Other than the times launched new cars before, this time, Mercedes-Benz introduced the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Concours S Edition 2019 a way silently along testimony only 100 cars sold in the worldmarket.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Concours S Edition 2019 âm thầm ra mắt với số lượng 100 chiếc a1

Exterior of the S-Class Concours S Edition has many similarities with the cheaper S560 and cheaper S560 4Matic, but it was covered by black Magnetite Black, multi-alloy 20-inch adaptor often appears on model Mercedes-Maybach S-Class and Mercedes-AMG S65 was integrated for a quest n a in order to create this special emphasis to distinguish between the S-Class Concours S Edition 2019 and S-Class standards. The difference is also reflected in the logo “Concours S” tied at the top of the car.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Concours S Edition 2019 âm thầm ra mắt với số lượng 100 chiếc a2

Step into the cabin compartment S-Class, the first impression is the feeling of luxury is from design to materials, facilities.This feeling is compounded twice in special version. Here, clients are sitting on the couch, semi-aniline leather sports brown road in gold just sewn and gray border. The car’s seats embroidered with the words “Concours S” implicitly endorse the special of this version. Rudder bronze leather car interior compartment of the same natural wood combined with an added luxury.The car’s rudder, the additional heating feature also so users feel warmer when driving in the winter cold. And yet, on the inside of the 4 door along the 1991 Panel was paneled in black gloss (piano black lacquer) similar to a rudder.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class Concours S Edition 2019 âm thầm ra mắt với số lượng 100 chiếc a7

Vehicles is equipped with a V8 petrol engine, twin-turbo,4.0-liter are the same as S560, for a maximum capacity of 463 horsepower, 700Nm of torque 9G-Tronic gearbox 9 level. Car accelerates from 0 to 96 km/h in4.6 seconds time.

Expected, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Concours S Edition 2019 open sale in the US in 2019, the selling price of the car has not been specifically disclosed. Meanwhile, two samples S560 and S560 4Matic 201 in US cost 101,350USD respectively and 104,350 USD.