Reviews of Toyota Wigo 2020 for you

With the core values ​​of the popular Toyota brand, the advantage is the imported car, the ability to keep the price, especially to add new and healthier new features in the upgraded version with a discount of more than 20 million for the AT version, Toyota Wigo 2020 promises to cause many changes in the upcoming car market. 

A nice little car on the street and helps to forget the rain, protect the safety of the people in the car.

As soon as it was officially revealed in the Indonesian market in March, the Toyota Wigo upgraded version of 2020 immediately gained attention and was considered a “heavy competitor” competing directly with other models of the same segment. such as Hyundai Grand i10 and Kia Morning. So what is the outstanding Toyota Wigo 2020 upgrade that is confident will cause many changes in the upcoming car market and appeal to anyone intending to buy the first car in life?

Toyota Wigo 2020: Xe đi trong phố, giông tố ở ngoài - 7

Toyota is a Japanese car company known for its brand name and has always led the sales in recent years such as Vios, Innova or Camry. The automaker is already famous for the C-segment cars but with the goal of increasing the market share in the A-segment, Toyota Wigo has been “released”.

Wigo is known as a Grade A urban hatchback imported from Indonesia but the price is extremely reasonable. The appearance of Toyota Wigo has quickly “stirred up” the market for small-sized A-segment cars. Like the elder models that have been “storming” as Vios, Innova or Camry…, Toyota Wigo has great strengths in stable and stable operation, spacious space, friendly design, fuel economy and extremely reasonable price – these are the core values, always satisfied Toyota brand customers.

Toyota Wigo 2020: Xe đi trong phố, giông tố ở ngoài - 18

Overall, the Toyota Wigo 2020 has a neat design with an overall size of length x width x height of 3660 x 1600 x 1520mm, the wheelbase length of 2455 mm shows that the spacious cabin space is always What Toyota emphasizes in each vehicle, the ground clearance reaches 160mm along with the minimum turning radius of 4.7m, helping the car operate flexibly in all roads, especially suitable when traveling in narrow streets and meet the daily travel needs of families, office workers and private business people.