F1 racing, British GP test: Mercedes is back

The two Mercedes riders all performed well at both test runs, suggesting that the race in the UK is most likely where they return with a stage victory after a consecutive circuit break in the previous race.

Remarkably, both Botta’s trials are faster than Hamilton. In the first test session, although only ranked 2nd on the total table, Bottas still ranked on Hamilton with 2 levels with faster performance than the British racer 0.5 seconds.

In this test session, Pierre Gasly, a Red Bull driver with a poor performance from the beginning of the season, suddenly climbed to the top of the rankings with a preference of 0.4 seconds faster than Bottas.

In the second test session, Bottas was the fastest, but his distance with the back-runner and formidable teammate Hamiton was reduced to only 69 milliseconds.

Đua xe F1, chạy thử British GP: Mercedes trở lại - 1

Meanwhile, Mercedes’ main competitor, Ferrari, though it does not show much in the first test session, has greatly improved in the second test session. Charles Leclerc was only ranked 5th in the first test session, reaching the third place and closing the gap with Bottas to just under 0.2 seconds. His teammate, Vettel racer, one of the riders slipped into the lawn due to the windy conditions and lack of grip, 0.4 seconds slower than Bottas.

It seems that the speed in Mercedes’ real racing condition is better than the competition, and Hamilton’s speed clearly shows that, while Ferrari struggles to keep the front tire from being worn out.

Đua xe F1, chạy thử British GP: Mercedes trở lại - 2

Red Bull racing driver Pierre Gasly, after taking an unexpected result at the first test, only finished fifth and was less than half a second behind the second race. However, Gasly is still 0.3 seconds faster than Max Verstappen’s teammate when he “struggles” with the tire and only ranks seventh.

However, do not forget that Leclerc also has a very close track to the Mercedes duo, he is only a tenth of a second slower than Bottas, although his partner Vettel is quite struggling here. The German driver, currently 76 points behind Hamilton in the season ranking, is 0.7 seconds slower than Bottas.