North American Toyota Tundra Donated A Super Pickup Tundra For The Medical Staff For The Brave Action

Nurse Allyn Pierce staked her life for using the Toyota Tundra truck to overcome the fire in the forest fire disaster in the State of California (USA).

According to the New York Times, nurse Allyn Pierce risked when crossing the fire in the forest fire disaster in the State of California (USA) to evacuate the remaining patients. The image of the “Super Truck” Toyota Tundra being the fire burned to melt the plastic is posted on social network Instagram by Allyn Pierce has attracted attention of the community.

The Tundra was posted by nurse Allyn Pierce 

The posted image showed that a large part of the external surface of the Tundra was burned as the rear-view mirrors and a part of the front bumper part. Pierce said that he had to hang his coat on the door-driving to get away from the heat of the fire. Moreover, he had to send a farewell message to his family. But fortunately, a bulldozer had appeared and cleared the path for him to take the remaining survival patients overcome the firestorm.

The car burned in the forest fire disaster

Knowing the above information, the North American Toyota dealer contacted and offered to donate him a brand new Tundra to honor his brave action.

The representative of Toyota USA said “While we are trying to evacuate the infuriating of “The Mother of Nature”,  Pierce risked his life to take others to safety, we highly admire his bravery action. So don’t worry, we will donate him a brand new car. We feel very honoured to do that”.

The USA Toyota’s agility is perhaps the lesson for other automakers in front of some similar situations.

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro 2018

Reportedly, the Tundra TRD of Pierce was the top car of Toyota in North America market, the car uses V8 5.7 L i-Force DOHC engine produced for 381 horsepower at 5600 power rounds/minute and torque reaching 543Nm at 3600 rounds/minute. The suggested price for the Tundra TRD Pro version is $49,645 USD (equivalent to 1.141 billion).