Latest F1 2020 match schedule

The latest F1 2020 season schedule introduces all the most important details of each race, except for the Grand Prix in China which has been postponed without a specific date and time.

This weekend, the F1 season is expected to start in Australia, despite the risk of spreading covid-19. Regardless of the Grand Prix in China being delayed without a specific date and time, the following is the latest F1 F1 2020 schedule showing all the most important details of the remaining 21 races (starting at 15:10 by the hour), unless specifically stated otherwise.

1. March 15 – Australia: Albert Park racetrack, Melbourne. 58 lap, each lap is 5,303km long. The total length of 307,574 km. Start the competition 05h10 GMT. Pole 2019: Lewis Hamilton (England) Mercedes. Winners of 2019: Valtteri Bottas (Finland) Mercedes.

2. March 22 – Bahrain: Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir. 57 lap, each lap is 5,412km long. The total length of 308,238km. Starting the competition 15h10 GMT. Pole 2019: Charles Leclerc (Monaco) Ferrari. Championship 2019: Hamilton. The race must take place under lights from dawn to dusk.

3. April 5 – Vietnam: Hanoi race track. 55 lap, each lap is 5.607km long. The total length of 308.385km. The course has 23 bends and 1.5km of straight road.

4. May 3 – Netherlands: Zandvoort race track. 72 lap, each lap is 4.252km long. The total length of 306,144km.

5. May 10 – Spain: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona. 66 lap, each lap is 4,655km long. The total length of 307,104km. Pole 2019: Bottas. Championship 2019: Hamilton.

6. May 24- Monaco: Monte Carlo racetrack. 78 lap, each lap is 3,337km long. The total length of 260.286km. Pole 2019: Hamilton. Championship 2019: Hamilton.

7. June 7 – Azerbaijan: Baku City Circuit race. 51 lap, each lap is 6.003km long. The total length of 306,049km. Starting 12h10 GMT (19h10 VN time). Pole 2019: Bottas. Winners of 2019: Bottas.

8. June 14 – Canada: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal. 70 lap, each lap is 4.361km long. The total length of 305,270km. Started 18h10 GMT . Pole 2019: Sebastian Vettel (Germany) Ferrari. Championship 2019: Hamilton.

9. June 28 – France: Circuit Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet. 53 lap, each lap is 5,861km long. The total length of 309,690km. Pole 2019: Hamilton. Championship 2019: Hamilton.

10. July 5 – Austria: Red Bull Ring, Spielberg race track. 71 lap, each lap is 4,318km long. The total length of 306.452km. Pole 2019: Leclerc. Winners of 2019: Max Verstappen (Netherlands) Red Bull.

11. July 19 – United Kingdom: Silverstone race track. 52 lap, each lap is 5,891km long. The total length of 306,198km. Pole 2019: Bottas. Championship 2019: Hamilton.

12. August 2 – Hungary: Racetrack Hungaroring, Budapest. 70 lap, each lap is 4,381km long. The total length of 306,670km. Pole 2019: Verstappen. Championship 2019: Hamilton.

13. August 30 – Belgium: Spa-Francorchamps race track. 44 lap, each lap is 7,004km long. The total length of 308,052km. Pole 2019: Leclerc. Championship 2019: Leclerc.

14. September 6 – Italy: Monza race track. 53 lap, each lap is 5,793km long. The total length of 307,029km. Pole 2019: Leclerc. Championship 2019: Leclerc.

15. September 20 – Singapore: Marina Bay Racetrack. 61 lap, each lap is 5,065km long. The total length of 308,828km. Starting 12h10 GMT. Pole 2019: Leclerc. Winners of 2019: Vettel.

16. September 27 – Russia: Sochi race track. 53 lap, each lap is 5,848km long. The total length of 309,745km. Starting 11h10 GMT. Pole 2019: Leclerc. Championship 2019: Hamilton.

17. October 11 – Japan: Suzuka race track. 53 lap, each lap is 5.807km long. The total length of 307,471km. Start the competition 05h10 GMT. Pole 2019: Vettel. Winners of 2019: Bottas.

18. October 25 – USA: Circuit of the Americas, Austin. 56 lap, each lap is 5,513km long. The total length of 308.405km. Starting at 1910 GMT. Pole 2019: Bottas. Winners of 2019: Bottas.

19. November 1 – Mexico: Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Mexico City. 71 lap, each lap is 4,304km long. The total length of 305.354km. Starting at 1910 GMT. Pole 2019: Leclerc. Championship 2019: Hamilton.

20. November 15 – Brazil: Interlagos race track, Sao Paulo. 71 lap, each lap is 4,309km long. The total length of 305,909km. Starting 17h10 GMT. Pole 2019: Verstappen. Champion 2019: Verstappen.

21. November 29 – Abu Dhabi: Yas Marina race track. 55 lap, each lap is 5,554km long. The total length of 305,355km. Started 13h10 GMT. Pole 2019: Hamilton. Championship 2019: Hamilton.