Hypercar Koenigsegg Regera Is Nice With The Naked Carbon Cover

The Swedish supercar firm Koenigsegg with the special fabrication technology has launched the Regera “Naked Carbon” model with layers of the hull made entirely from “naked carbon” and never covered any of the lake as well as any layer of epoxy resins often seen.

The bare carbon cover is made by hand that helps Regera be mild and hard to be scratched.

According to Koenigsegg, this is a process which made by hand with sophisticated way and any errors would also corrupt the structure characteristic of the material fabric. With this unique coating, not only the weight of the hypercar is decreased over 20 kg but also helps it be mild and hard scratched.

The naked fiber carbon cover was Koenigsegg tested in hot conditions of the summer as well as the cold and wet of winter for several years. The result is that the crust of the car was not damaged properties and Koenigsegg was confident to apply this technology to a commercial vehicle. The durability of this naked fiber carbon shell also equally high as resistant to rubble and sharp objects shot up the car better.

Besides the fiber crust is made of naked carbon, the version “Naked Regera” has the technique parameter and the motive power system are similar to regular versions. In fact, the body and frame the floor of Regera still based on the CC8S since 2002, but the whole of the head and the tail of the car has been completely redesigned, with the innovative aerodynamic solutions.

Regera is equipped the 5.0L V8 turbocharger accompanied 3 electric motor for a total capacity up to over 1500 horsepower and over 2000 Nm torque. Especially, this system does not use traditional gearbox, instead of that, the full power of the engine will be communicated to the following requirements of the car directly.

Thanks to that, Regera can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds, 150-200 km/h in 3.2 seconds and the maximum speed achieved is more than 400/h. Koenigsegg planned to produce only 80 singles of Regera with sale price is $2 million for each one. Specifically, all 80 singles of Regera have owner even though the product is still not yet up the production line.