Do you know how much a Formula 1 racing car costs?

How powerful are the F1 cars on the track? Here is the cost to develop an F1 car according to experts’ reviews.

A sports magazine published a report in 2014 said that the amount to develop an F1 could be up to 7.7 million. However, according to the International Automobile Federation (FIA) that number is even greater because it depends on factors such as vehicle design and regulations of each season. Usually, this huge amount often increases with each year.


The most obvious demonstration is that big F1 racing teams like Ferrari, Mercedes Red Bull and McLaren spend about 400 million USD annually to develop the best cars for every F1 season. This includes costs for employees, machinery, design engineers and riders. However, the budget that each team spent is usually not the same and varies between 250-350 million USD per year.

Here are the specific costs of some parts on an F1 car:

Engine cost

F1 cars are equipped with powerful engine blocks to create impressive speeds on the track. Therefore, the engine is considered one of the most expensive parts of an F1 racing car. It was developed for about 10.5 million USD, depending on the needs of the manager and the team owner. F1 teams like Mercedes, Ferrari and McLaren often use engines from Japanese companies like Honda, which will certainly reduce engine costs significantly.


Cost of front and rear spoiler:

When the car accelerates on the track, the front and rear spoiler always plays an important role in ensuring the balance of the car. According to calculations, 300,000 USD is the maximum amount to develop the front wing and the nose. However, some teams can only spend about 150,000 USD to build these parts. Meanwhile, the development of the rear spoiler will take up to about 150,000 USD.

Cost of steering wheel:

In fact, car control is done through the steering wheel. Therefore, the manufacturer always designed the special steering wheel for F1 racing cars. The cost of steering wheel is about 50,000 – 100,000 USD.


Cost of fuel tank:

On average, an F1 car costs about 500,000 USD in gasoline in a season. About 200,000 liters of gasoline are used for a car in each F1 season including training and competition. The cost of the F1 fuel tank is about 140,000 USD.

Gearbox cost:

Gearbox is an important part for an F1. F1 cars often use high-precision, semi-automatic gearboxes. An F1 team will have to spend nearly 440,000 USD to develop the gearbox. In case you want to upgrade the gearbox so that the car has more impressive performance when playing, they have to spend an additional 160,000 USD.

Tire costs:

There are three types of tires used in F1 racing: Dry, Wet and Normal. According to the report, the tires of F1 cars cost about 1,715 USD.


Cost of accidental damage:

Only one accident, small or large, caused serious damage to the F1 on the track. Some reports published in 2015 and 2014 evaluate that an F1 car can take up to about 550,000 USD to recover from an accident, which includes damage to the front/rear wings, chassis and some parts of the engine.