Chinese electric SUVs compete with Tesla

Chinese electric car maker Nio has just launched a second SUV named ES6 with a power of up to 537 horsepower, declaring a fair competition with Tesla of the US.

Previously, Nio has launched the larger 7-seat ES8 model, competing with Tesla Model X, while the ES6 model is smaller than ES8, for young customers. The ES6 is described as a high performance mid-size electric SUV, with the largest and most intelligent range in this segment.

Nio ES6 has a length of 4,850 mm and a width of 1,965 mm. The wheelbase of the ES6 is also shorter than the ES8 at 2,900 mm, ES6 can arrange both 7-seat configuration comfortably. The design of ES6 is also identical to the elder ES8, only differing in size.


The interior of the Nio ES6 also impresses with high-quality materials such as luxury cars, a flat steering wheel, sports seats and a fabric-covered ceiling, a large touch screen placed along the dashboard. operated by NOMI’s artificial intelligence system. The highlights in the Nio ES6 include Nappa leather interior and automatic perfume system, high-class design seats.

Nio ES6 has 2 standard and high-end versions with 2 different power levels respectively 214 and 537 horsepower. The high-end version will have up to two different electric motors, including a high-performance permanent magnet (PM) motor with 215 horsepower (160 kW) mounted on the front wheel and a magnetic induction motor. (IM) high efficiency produces 322 horsepower (240 kW) mounted on the rear wheels. The standard version has only one drive motor at the front.


The premium version has a total power of up to 537 horsepower, giving the ES6 the ability to accelerate 0-100 km/h in 4.7 seconds and a maximum speed of 200 km / h. Besides its incredible performance, the Nio ES6 also has an operating range of up to 510 km for an optional 84 kWh battery pack according to the European NEDC test procedure. However, when sold, ES6 will come with a battery pack of 70 kWh shared from the ES8 elder.

In the domestic market, the Nio ES6 standard version starts at $51,800 excluding tax, while the higher version costs $57,600 with a 536 horsepower engine and 70 kWh battery pack. The most advanced version with an 84 kWh battery pack costs $64,850.

Ford Announces November Sales: Ranger And Focus Reached Record Sales

Pickup Ranger continues to maintain a leading position inthe segment with the 1744 cars sold in November.

Ford recently announced the November sales reach record levels, rising 44% were 3466 compared with the same period a year ago. Thanks to abundant supply, combined with the advent of version XLS and Raptor, Ranger continued to maintain the leading position in the segment with the 1744 cars sold, up 27% from the same period last year.

Ford công bố doanh số tháng 11: Ranger và Focus đạt doanh số kỷ lục - 1
Ford Ranger 2018

Ford Focus passenger car line also reached sales of best month so far, double the same period last year with 269 aircraft were sold. With the new Ecoboost engine 1.5L, Focus family car is capable of operation and smoother control, along with many smart features and facilities.

Ford công bố doanh số tháng 11: Ranger và Focus đạt doanh số kỷ lục - 3
Ford Ecosport

Ford Ecosport is still small-sized SUV that was unpopular with 400 vehicles delivered to customers in November, an increase of 5%compared with the same period a year ago. The new Ecosport upgrades and improvements on the design as well as the ability to operate with 1.0 L Ecoboost engine extremely thrifty but equally powerful.

Besides, the line of Ford’s SUV sales are also possible with: 480 the Everest and 133 the Explorer, a 25% increase in incremental sales boost from first year up 602.

Ford công bố doanh số tháng 11: Ranger và Focus đạt doanh số kỷ lục - 2
Ford Focus

“Ford is achieved very satisfactory achievements in the last months of the year 2018, thanks to a series of factors of convergence include the successful introduction of the new version of the Ranger, Raptor, Everest and the EcoSport, with abundant supply of return for all the lineup at the dealers around the country” – The General Director of Ford (Vietnam) shares.

Ford công bố doanh số tháng 11: Ranger và Focus đạt doanh số kỷ lục - 4
Ford Everest

New Ranger product line is powered by two new generation engine – turbocharger engine 2.0L and single turbo engine 2.0L, besides the 2.2L Duratorq engine was confirmed earlier. Two new engines have increased the attractiveness of the New Ford Ranger truck “possibly powerful Ford” for customers.

The whole of the new Ranger version including a standard such as XL and XLS are equipped with electric power steering assistance, help the drive becomes gentle and more facilities on all supply lines, in all areas of work from agriculture to building to business the transport business.

Ford công bố doanh số tháng 11: Ranger và Focus đạt doanh số kỷ lục - 6
Ford Ranger XLS

2015 Acura MDX

2015 Acura MDX

The new car model – 2015 Acura MDX goes on sale now, It’ll start just a tick higher than previous model, at $43,460 for the two-wheel drive model. The SH-AWD version with the advance package starts at $57,675, once again including an $895 destination charge.

The new MDX takes to a shape that’s a little more sport-wagon influenced, perhaps, and mates that with interiors that are a little warmer. The sleeker profile, more curvaceous sheetmetal, and some new, precise front-end details serve to give it a leaner look overall.

All 2015 MDX models feature the same engine, a 3.5-liter V-6 with direct fuel injection and cylinder deactivation. Peak output comes in at 290 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque, which is channeled to the wheels via a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

Additional advanced-technology safety features include Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Forward Collision Warning (FCW). a Wide View Camera, and a Blind Spot Information system. A driver’s knee bag rounds out an already complete safety set, and there’s also Lane Keeping Assist (LKAS), which will provide a gentle, proactive nudge to the steering to help you stay in your intended lane…

2015 Chevrolet Suburban

2015 Chevrolet Suburban

The Suburban started out way back in 1935 as a sort of bare-bones pickup truck/station-wagon hybrid, but effectively laid down the formula for what we today consider an SUV. 2015 will mark the introduction of the twelfth-generation Chevrolet Suburban. GM will completely redesign and re-engineer the large SUV for the 2015 model year, maintaining the promise of a capable body-on-frame SUV for off-loading, towing, and carrying passengers.


The 2015 Suburban will be the first redesign of the nameplate in eight years. While GMC puts all its full-size SUVs under one umbrella, the Suburban leaves the short-wheelbase duties to the Chevy Tahoe. The long-wheelbase model in Chevy’s portfolio is 130 inches long in wheelbase as it was in the previous generation and more than 220 inches long overall, slightly stretched from the last Suburban.

The 2015 Chevy Suburban debuts with the same 5.3-liter, small-block V-8 engine offered as the mid-level powerplant for the 2014 Silverado. It’s part of the same Ecotec 3 engine family based on the fifth-generation GM small-block engine, and gets the same variable valve timing, direct injection, and Active Fuel Management cylinder-deactivation feature as the Silverado’s mill.

Output stands at a prodigious 355 horsepower and 383 lb-ft of torque increases of 35 horsepower and 57 lb-ft over the outgoing Suburban’s 5.3-liter V-8. Power is again routed to either the rear wheels or all four through a six-speed automatic transmission. Fuel-economy figures for the latest Suburban aren’t yet available, but don’t be surprised if the new truck improves on the old one’s 15 mpg city, 21 mpg highway EPA ratings…