BMW: Car brand of the arrogant

There was a saying like this: If only listing each feature on paper, maybe a Ford Mondeo will become not too different from the BMW 3 Series. But to show others who you are.

Clearly the level of the BMW is incomparable. It was that simple, but it clearly portrayed the reason why so many people buy luxury cars, especially BMW, because of the fact that not only do they spend money to buy vehicles but also experience and proud of self-worth.

BMW clearly has an irresistible attraction after a hundred years of history, which is the magic power of the leader. Right from the foundation of the company formed in 1910 as a manufacturer of aircraft engines, BMW quickly became known for its IIIa engines that outperformed any Allied aircraft, and was ordered in large quantities by the German government, which was unthinkable for a small factory that had just been established in less than a decade.

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Then came the production of motorcycles in 1923 with the R23, or the beginning of the era of BMW cars with the 303 – the source of today’s kidney grille – the carmaker from Bavaria maintains Its leading position in many aspects. From beating Italians on the track, to the BMW 1500 that started the “New Class” era, bringing BMW back to its position as a luxury car manufacturer after many years of ups and downs by the war.

Since then, BMW continuously launched Series 02 and Series 3 or high performance cars “M” in 1986, all of which are warmly welcomed by consumers to this day. This is thanks to the sustainable development based on a good engine base, enhanced performance, safety and advanced technology to serve the most comfortable and comfortable experience for luxury customers who demand it. stop at a rolling vehicle.

In addition to technology, the German automaker has also worked to perfect the peak design language, shaping consumer trends in the luxury segment. This has helped BMW to have the prosperity of today. When looking at a BMW, we always see a dashing, elegant guy like a rich but arrogant businessman of a real player, ready to explode after every turn of the machine.

That’s why Carroll Shelby thinks that BMW drivers are arrogant people, because any relationship needs harmony, including the relationship between the owner and their car. With a car bearing the BMW logo, its owner cannot be trivial because they are both young and rich souls both financially and mentally, like their steed.

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The unity of BMW’s product development philosophy over a century has not only created great cars but also excellent car players. It is deeply rooted in the mindset of both the carmaker and brand enthusiasts from Bavaria, becoming the “Bimmer culture” in American abbreviation since the 1970s when BMW exploded.

Bimmer culture is the existence of luxury cars with a design that goes well with the years, not in harmony with the unisex (non-gender) trend of the competitors. Customers who choose BMW, even women, are lovers of an unobtrusive but luxurious car. It shows not only the outside beauty but also the inner strength.

BMW’s “simple” task is to create a car that is liberal but elegant, sporty, high-class, high-performance but does not forget the top comfort and most importantly, the ultimate driving experience.